Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen- Edition 23

13 Fishies Who Resided In Tanks I Have Cleaned This Week

1. Goldfish
2. Guppy
3. Koi
4. Platy
5. Molly
6. Angel Fish
7. Oscar
8. Tetra
9. Cichlid
10. Gourami
11. Catfish
12. Tiger Barb
13. Danio


  1. Wow, that quite a list of different fishies. Are they all in one aquarium?

    Thanks for stopping by

  2. Nope, about 50 tanks. I work in a pet shop.

  3. LOL - Can you really tell them all apart?

  4. Sure I can tell them apart. There are signs under them so I know what I am selling. lol

    It's my job to know about the fishies.

  5. That is such a clever Thursday 13! And thank you for stopping by mine. :)

  6. That is a lot of Fish, and they all have nice clean tanks to you.

  7. that is about the number of fishies that became refugees at my house when your fish tank died!!!!

  8. I love Koi. One of these days I'd love to have a koi pond as part of my back yard landscaping. Great list!

  9. Oh it wasn't that many Heather. That was terrible though when the fish tank bottom gave out.

    Koi are so cool. We sell pond supplies and building material at the store I work at.


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