Friday, September 26, 2008


My bank went out of business... MY BANK! Seriously, I never expected that. Washington Mutual has been around 119 years. Now I apparently bank with JP Morgan Chase. The website says that everything will stay the same. I wonder if I should change to Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Anyway, I missed the Thursday 13 yesterday. That was my first miss since I started. I forgot and I had a huge migraine.

Yesterday was my one month anniversary at the pet shop. They gave me a shirt with fish on it.

We took Elvis to get his nails cut. I am too afraid I will hurt him to do it myself. We had the PetsMart do it. It's only $11 and they did a fine job.

Gibby has an appointment on the 8th to get himself fixed. I am sure he will love me more after that. I got him a Halloween costume at the PetsMart today.

The girls have begun their Fall Break. No school for two whole weeks!

That is about it. Sunday we leave for Las Vegas. That will give me more to say.


  1. I hope your head is feeling better. I hate migraines with a passion. :-(

    I had the vet trim Anya's nails yesterday when I took her in for her check up. She can be a handful. The other two animals take it well, fortunately. Anya is going to be spayed in another couple of weeks.

    I hope you have a fun time in Las Vegas!

  2. I don't like clipping my dogs' nails either for the same reason. To me, paying the vet to do it is worth every penny.

    Hope your migraine has gone away.

    I thought you said vacation wasn't in your vocabulary. ;) Have fun in Vegas.

  3. LF- Thanks for the well wishes. My head feels much better. Excedrin Migraine is miracle. I hope your little kitty has no trouble at the vet. I never got a kitten before. We adopted both of our cats older from the shelter.

    Trisha- Vacation? What vacation? I am just going to Las Vegas. It's not a vacation.

  4. wow, no school for two weeks! Do they do year round schedule?

  5. hope you fell better today..please visit my wordless wednesday.. its up already.. i will not be able to log in tomorrow thats why i'm visitng all you guys today..
    My entries are here. and here

    Memory Filled
    Sweety tots

  6. How is that not a vacation? And you called it "vacation" on your calendar thingy on your sidebar.

  7. rest well. I'm hoping to a adopt a new pet soon.


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