Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Halloween Mystery... With Lots Of Pictures

Today the girls and I went with my mom to the local pumpkin patch. It was pretty fun. Here are a few fabulous pictures of our adventure.

Carolynn in the pumpkin tent.

Catherine on a pony ride. She is just about too big for pony rides. Seriously, my kids are getting old.

The girls in the corn maze.

We got plenty of pumpkins of course. We got two really big ones for carving. David is very good at carving. The first Halloween he was with us, he carved a ghost in one and Mickey Mouse in the other. Last year he carved a turtle in one and a scary face in another. We also got two smaller ones for painting and three sugar pumpkins for cooking. I never cooked pumpkin before. We thought it would be interesting to give it a go.

First, you have to cut the pumpkin up. It was hard, so David did it. Next you have to clean out the insides. This was the messy part. It was stringy and sticky and slimy. Everyone helped clean up the pumpkin pieces. Once the pumpkin pieces are cleaned, you have to roast them in the oven. That is where they are now. We are going to make a pumpkin-fruit bread for my mom. We are going to make pumpkin-blueberry muffins, and of course pumpkin pie. Not all at once though, cooked pumpkin freezes very well. We also cleaned and saved the seeds so we could roast them up. There are two different recipes for roasting pumpkin seeds in the book of pumpkin recipes my mom bought at the pumpkin patch.

I mentioned of Friday that the girls rescued a cat. I found a bunch of pictures the girls took of this poor homeless kitty on my camera. They took over 30 pictures of this cat and she was only here overnight. They don't take pictures like this of the cats we already have. Anyway, here she is.

The girls called her Pepper. She followed Catherine home the other day. She was very hungry and thirsty. We took her to the local shelter so she could find a good home.


Now for the mystery of the day... Gibby got a new shirt. It came in the mail on Friday. Here he is wearing it.

As you can see, it is a Dallas Cowboys jersey. He looks very adorable in it too. Here is the mystery in it though. It came in a package with my name on it. It came shipped right from the online store it was purchased at. I didn't purchase it. David didn't purchase it. When it came, I thought my mom had purchased it. She didn't. There was no other name on the package. I have no idea who would be so kind as to purchase a shirt for my Gibby. I am going to have to assume it is someone who reads this blog since I don't know many people in the area who could have come by and seen the dog and his fashions. I know all of you fine folks out there have seen Gibby's fashions. I really like the shirt and would love to know who sent it so I can thank them. So if it was you, let me know... and Thank You! It totally made my day. It sucks being jobless and poor. You can't do anything or buy anything fun. The few shirts Gibby has I got on clearance or with gift certificates, and that was when I was working. I can't afford to buy him something like that. It's just so nice. So help me solve this mystery!


  1. Well I hope that you find out who it was that sent Gibby the football shirt. Maybe it is a secret pal........

  2. Maybe it is... But I hope someone confesses soon. It's driving me nuts!

  3. i would guess probably tricia! i sure wish i had the funds to send you a present, but alas, we are poor too!

  4. What a gorgeous kitty!

  5. Pam- She was such a nice kitty. I was at the shelter today and a man who lives near me brought in a cat that looked like that, but who was older and about to have kittens. I think maybe that was the mama cat to the kitten we rescued. It's good to know that she will be taken care of.


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