Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Hate Laundry Day

Today was the day we went to the laundromat. We got it done in record time. There were some extra creepy people in there today too. Maybe that is what made us go so fast.

Earlier today my mom came and brought us a new toaster. Thank goodness. I like toast or English muffins in the morning. Then she took Carolynn out to get her hair cut. Earlier this week she got the bright idea to cut it herself. Needless to say, she needed professional help. She was going for a Reese Witherspoon look.


Reese Witherspoon

After that my mom took her shopping and to get a hot dog. Then she took Catherine shopping for some school supplies. She had to make a diorama of The Cricket In Time Square. She also talked my mom in to buying Wall-E on DVD. We are going to watch it later.

This afternoon we discovered Little Dude's tank was pretty gross. I found that to be rather odd, since we just cleaned it. It smelled terrible. We found out that the filter broke. Ewww. We will have to deal with that tomorrow. Luckily the heater and the spot lamp still work so his temperature is fine. That is more important than a little dirty water. Red Eared Sliders are native to Mississippi so they can take dirt, but like warmer water.

Yesterday I had a record of four (FOUR!) posts. Wow. I guess I had a lot to say. Today, not so much


  1. She was excited to get her hair cut, the girls in that shop were all young and very cool. She told the girl how she wanted her hair to look, and she was thrilled with how it came out.

  2. She was very excited. She is excited about her new outfit too. She will be like a whole new Carolynn on Monday at school.

  3. I love the new cut. Very chic.

  4. She loves it. She thinks she looks so grown up now.


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