Saturday, December 13, 2008


I cannot remember being this happy. I really feel like a whole new me. Now wait, not a new me. I finally feel like the old me. I want to go back to all those sad, pathetic blog posts and stamp them all "Not Anymore" or something. I can not believe just days ago I was worried how I would pay a car payment. Now, not only is the car payment paid, I am employed.

Today, I got up early and went to the Salvation Army to count out the money. I did not do any bell ringing yesterday because I had my interviewing. I counted money from 7:00 this morning until about 12:30 in the afternoon. My fingers were black. Money is so filthy. After I finished counting, I picked up Carolynn and her friends so they could do the bell ringing today. Carolynn’s friends Makayla and Diamond are spending the weekend. David was going to go ring the bell today and Makayla was excited and really wanted to do it, so I said they could. Gary, the person who runs the Salvation Army, gave them all their own aprons and jingle bells. They rang the bell from 1:00 to 5:30. And it was very cold today. They sang songs and got a lot of donations. They were very proud of themselves. Here is a picture of them. I took it with my phone so it is not a super great picture.

David supervised the girls most of the day. I did it for the last hour and a half. While he and the girls were ringing, Catherine and I went over to my mom’s house. I was telling my parents and grandpa about my new job. While I was there, my Grandpa and I planned a trip to Palm Springs. He gets free rooms at some of the casinos he frequents and he has one for Agua Caliente. I have never been to Palm Springs and that is Grandpa’s favorite casino. Therefore, he and I are going to take a trip there. We are going on Wednesday morning after Grandpa’s doctor’s appointment. We will be back on Thursday. He gets to play his favorite slots and I get to hang out and relax with no kids. Woo Hoo! It would be cool if Trisha lived near enough to come hang with me. She could use a day off too.

Well, that is it for now. Carolynn and her friends are watching Titanic. Catherine has a friend over too. She came late this afternoon. They are playing dress up. Earlier they roasted marshmallows in the fireplace. There are five kids in my house for a sleep over, but I do not care… because I have a job!


  1. That is a pretty good picture, they did a good thing. It was pretty cold out yesterday, they look so festive I bet they collected a lot of money.

  2. Yep, they got a nice full bucket. They were very cold and when they got home they sat by the fireplace.

  3. That's really nice that the girls wanted to do that. Not many kids their age are willing to donate their time.

    Have fun in Palm Springs. You deserve it. It made me feel better just knowing you would want me there too.


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