Sunday, December 14, 2008

Super Sunday

Today was a fine day. Do you know why? It is because I have a job. Nope, I do not get tired of saying it. I have a job.

I slept so well the last two nights. It has been cold so it is nice to be all tucked in. My dog snuggles up too. I did not realize how terrible my sleep has been until I finally slept. I have a terrible cold too. Well, it is mostly gone now, but I still have this painful cold sore on my lip. At least my nose stopped running.

Today I left David here with all of those girls and went out. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some pictures and paper towels. Then I went to my mom’s house. My mom, dad and I went to a little tavern and played some darts. The woman there carded me. I was not even drinking, but I was in a bar. I felt so young. I am old enough to drink plus ten. Anyway, it was fun. My dads darts were kind of falling a part. He could use some new ones. After that, we picked up some tacos at the Del Taco and went back to my mom’s house to eat them. My mom gave me a new jacket. Well, new to me. It had been my grandma’s jacket. It was much better than the old, ugly one I was wearing. That one did not zip and was once my ex-husbands. I threw it in the trash.

After that, I came home and I was going to take the friends home. Catherine’s friend had been picked up earlier in the day, but Carolynn’s friends were still here. They weren’t ready to go home, so I left them here and David, Catherine and I went to the mall. Catherine wanted some orange chicken. We looked around at the Mervyn’s going out of business sale. It says “9 Days Left”. David got a zip up hooded sweatshirt for less than $20. It says Levi on it. He did not have one and it has been so cold. The Kay-Bee Toys in the mall is going out of business too. We looked inside, but they are only at 30% off. They did not have the Barbie’s Carolynn wanted. They were gone. I went to the Hickory Farms. I had a craving for some Sweet-Hot Mustard. I love it. I got a bottle for me and one for my mom. I also picked up a book to read on my trip to Palm Springs. It s this month’s Readers Anonymous pick. It is called Cat Deck The Halls. It looks kind of cute. It is about a cat that solves mysteries.

Tomorrow I have to go to the prison for a drug test and physical. It is kind of like getting up and going to work. You know, like because I have a job to go to.


  1. Well good deal on the hooded sweatshirt and he will sure need it to day, because it is snowing......they have closed the pass already. I made it to work this morning, it wasn't even raining in Apple valley, but when I got to Hesperia, it was snowing and pretty hard too. I will be going home soon. If you have to get to Adelanto leave early and drive carefully

  2. Yeah, he said he was cold all day. He was out there from 9:15 to 3:15. He said it was his legs that got coldest. But it was for a good cause. There is only a week of it left. I didn't see any snow today. I saw some on a guys truck, but none any where near me. Just a lot of rain.


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