Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I want all of you friends and readers who live in the Midwest or any other place where it is regularly cold and snowy to not laugh.

It snowed here today. Honest to God snowed. It is the most snow that I ever saw in Apple Valley. It looks like about seven or so inches of precipitation today. It was crazy. I got up this morning to discover it was very rainy. My mom called and said the pass was closed so there would be no trip to Palm Springs today. We rescheduled for Monday. That way my parents can go too. Anyway, Apple Valley schools were open so I got the kids off to school. As I said, it was not snowing here. After the kids were at school, I went to the Salvation Army to count the buckets. I was there for a while when my mom called. She said that Carolynn had called her and that school was canceled. Carolynn thought I had gone to Palm Springs. Therefore, my mom went and braved the snow and the crazy parents to pick up Carolynn and I went to pick up Catherine. There was not that much snow, maybe an inch. However, Apple Valley is not prepared for any kind of snow so it was shut down. After we all got home, my dad called looking for my mom. She had stopped at the store to buy the stuff to make a pot of chili. I decided I wanted a pot of chili too. Carolynn and I braved the snow to go to the store. By the time we got there and home, the snow was worse. It just snowed and snowed. I have not seen it snow like that since we left Wisconsin. We have had a fire all day. We ate our big pot of chili. I had some tea. The girls went out to play in it a bit. The dogs are not happy. Elvis runs out only if he has too. Gibby was scared at first, but when the girls went and played in it, he went too.

Here are some pictures of our snowy day.

Here are the girls and their dirt snow man. This was early in the day, when there was only a little snow.

This is a snow ball fight in progress. Once again, this was early in the day.

This is our house toward the end of the day. It was getting dark. But it was still snowing.

This is Carolynn and Gibby late in the day playing in the snow.

Here are the girls and Gibby in the yard. Gibby loved chasing the girls through the snow.

Here is a short video of Gibby and the girls in the snow.

Also, my sister sent us a package yesterday. She called today and said the girls could open them up. Of course they did. So here they are.

Carolynn and her gift from Sarah.

Catherine and her gift from Sarah.


  1. Nice snowman, it has been snowing all can stop now. I guess people that see this kind of weather a lot don't think anything of it, I see snow flakes I do not drive in it, so I stayed home from work. It is a winter wonderland out there, it looks pretty but it is to darn cold.

  2. No kidding. It just keeps coming down.

  3. I'm not that excited about the snow we've been getting this week. Others are - they're looking forward to a white Christmas. I don't mind the white Christmas, it's all the time before and after the day that drives me mad. Last year we didn't see the ground again until April.

  4. Eve- Our snow will be gone in a day or so. It looks pretty today and tomorrow it will be slushy and muddy. After that it will just be muddy. In a week or so it will be back to desert.

  5. I wish we would get some snow but all we got was some ice and tomorrow its going to be in the 60's!

  6. Wow! That is a lot of snow. I don't think many people realize that it snows in the desert.

    We had a few flurries, and I mean just a few, and it was headline news. It doesn't snow much here either.

  7. oh i will not laugh at you. the first year we lived in VA we got 14 inches of snow the day after christmas and the world was shut down. my neighbor had no idea what my ice scraper was. it was classic. we only got flurries and a dusting after that while we were there. now here is a totally different story. last winter was apparently a record setting year for snowfall. i was no impressed. tonight we are supposed to get a huge snow storm so i am sure when i go to get groceries it will be a nightmare! ARGH! those look like nice presents from sarah and the girls look excited about them! hey, i need you to let me know if you got a xmas card from me. i forgot to mark people off of the list the other day so i do not know who got one and who didnt!

  8. It looks like you are at my house! I have been watching the news and they are talking about the snow in the South West. I had to come over and see if you had any pictures. Yesterday we ended up with about 4 inches and then tomorrow/or tonight they are talking that we might get 5 to 10 inches. I'm hopeing for no school. It's their last day before Christmas break.


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