Friday, January 02, 2009

Dog Days

Keeping the house clean is quite a challenge. David has worked everyday this week, but he manages to keep the kitchen tidy. Unfortunately, the children are not doing their share. Catherine takes several days to clean her room, and does nothing else in the mean time. Carolynn doesn’t do anything unless I make her, then she does this whole “Cinderella” act like I am forcing her into hard labor during her every waking moment. She does not clean her room either. Today is the last day of our first week of the chore chart. I guess when I total it all up tomorrow and start handing out the rewards; they will not be as fabulous as they had hoped. Perhaps that will make next week go more smoothly. That will be good because next week I will be at work.

The days seem so long as we approach my first day of my new job. I am trying to fill them up. Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and the girls. We looked at tiny little baby thing for my soon to be nephew. We got tiny little sports socks for the little guy. Then we went out for some Mexican food and some margaritas. Last night the girls, David, and I watched Kung Fu Panda. Catherine got it for Christmas. It was very funny and very cute. Jack Black was amazing in that movie.

Today I did some cleaning. I ate a grilled cheese. I did some reading. I am going to make some more of my cinnamon and brown sugar Chex mix. I will fix dinner later. I am just trying to make the time go by so I can go to work.


  1. Well you just have the week-end and then it is back to work for you. My dad ate some of the sweet chex mix but he likes the salty kind better. He likes it with a little kick.
    I hope the girls get better at the chores.

  2. I like both kinds. This is going to be the longest weekend ever. The girls will get better or I will keep taking their stuff away.


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