Saturday, April 25, 2009


That’s pretty much it. My job is same old… I work in a prison; it is what you expect when you work with criminals. But I still go back every day. I am still working the midnight to 8 am shift. I sleep during the day a lot. But, it pays the bills.

The girls are good. They had some state testing this week. Catherine had some softball games. I didn’t make it to today’s game because I was asleep, but David said she did great and she had to slide three times and scored three runs. Carolynn had a good birthday on Tuesday and is now an official teenager. Catherine had a game Tuesday. My mom came and brought Carolynn a new collector Barbie. After the game, we went to John’s Incredible Pizza with Joe, Nicole, and the kids. They got Carolynn a cool new outfit. I got Carolynn a couple of new collectible Barbie’s. David made it back from Texas in time to join us for pizza and he brought Carolynn some new books that she had wanted. What she had really wanted was some make up and the privilege to wear it. So we made an agreement, she can wear makeup, but I get to pick it. I bought it and I showed her how to put it on. I think she was disappointed. She said she couldn’t even tell it was on. I said that was the point.

Like I said, David made it back from Texas on Tuesday night. He was gone a week. He drove back in his truck. It is a 1986 Jeep pick up. It looks like crap but it seems to run like a champ. He made it all the way from Texas in two days. We took some stuff to the Salvation Army in it early this week and we picked up some fertilizer for the garden. It has no air conditioner, but he likes it. Here is a picture. He went back to work at McDonald’s, but having his new car opens up more opportunity for him. He is more available at McDonald’s and can look for jobs further away and not have to worry about buses or limit his availability.

I have been doing some gardening. There are a lot of weeds to pull, but we are doing it a section at a time. We have some plants in the front and a bunch in the back. We are planting a veggie garden out back. Plus some herbs are growing out there. We put some bird feeders out there. We have a couple of rocking chairs and a fire pit. We are going to try and get a new barbecue soon. We have an old charcoal grill for now. It is going to be a great summer to spend out there. Last summer was pretty craptacular. We didn’t have money to do anything. Now I have a great job and David has a little bit of a job, and he will get something better soon. Plus he is going to school. He is taking a math class and a history class. He spends a lot of time on that. Things are finally looking good.

On a sad note however, Bea Arthur passed away today. I used to love her on The Golden Girls. It came on too late for me to stay up and watch, but I used to sneak down the hall and hide in the entry way of our house and watch it anyway. I watched it on reruns for years too. It is amazing how funny she was. There are no others like her.


  1. David's Dad5/04/2009 9:59 AM

    Wow. I think I see how it is. No mention of how David got the truck.
    Ok then.

  2. Oh I see... I blame David. He never mentions anything. However, we do now have pictures of his actual family here on our wall.

    Because David went to Texas and got his fabulous truck from his saintly father. David's dad so obviously rocks hard. :)


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