Thursday, April 09, 2009

On The Beach

OMG! I forgot to mention my super cool new blog design. I absolutely love it. Thanks Nikki! Check out her design website at


  1. I'm so glad you like it! One thing, I noticed the banner is messed up again (and I have no clue why). To fix it, under the #home div change left to 550px and that should do the trick. I have no clue why it keeps changing itself.

    But it looks great up and in action! ^_^

    Glad you had tons of fun in Georgia and your girls got to visit. The pictures are cute!

  2. You know what... On my laptop, it looks perfect, but here on David's desktop it looks off again. Do you think it is the different screen sizes? Is there a way we can get it to look right on everyone's computer?

  3. It's not the screen size, I made sure of that when coding it - it should stay where it's positioned despite what resolution people are viewing in. And it changes just on my laptop so I'm wondering if it has something to do with Blogger. I really have no clue. Yesterday on my screen it was fine, and now it's a little off.

    Find out what other people see, maybe that will help. Otherwise, change the left coding and if it's still being wonky, then I'll dig a bit deeper.

    Sorry this is being so difficult. By all rights it shouldn't. Bah.

  4. I noticed it last time I was over to visit. It is really great, love it!


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