Friday, May 01, 2009


I finally got some. I slept yesterday when I got home from work, and then I slept all night. It was amazing. I finally feel all the way awake. I have a few errands to run today. I have to get over the PetSmart because Gibby keeps beating the stuffing out of his toys. I am going to do some yard work. We are planting a veggie garden in the back yard and sunflowers in the front yard. Plus I have some housekeeping to get done.

David is taking Carolynn to see the Wolverine movie later. Catherine has a softball game tonight. It’s going to be a start to a fabulous weekend… which I have off. Yes, me, I get a whole weekend off. I almost did a happy dance right there in my unit when I saw that on my schedule. Tomorrow Catherine has another game. We will finish our garden. We will finish our housekeeping. Then on Sunday, we will go to the Renaissance Faire. It is going to be fun. Then on Monday, it’s back to work. I can absolutely guarantee I won’t miss those inmates a bit.

The girls have been doing a little writing on their blogs. Be sure and check them out. They love comments. David is going to make them some new summery designs.

Catherine In The Zoo

Carolynn’s Ocean View

Well, I am off to enjoy my fabulous weekend. I hope the weather is great too. So far it has been. It’s May for heaven’s sake, warm it up already!

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