Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I went to the movies with Catherine and David and we saw Up. Carolynn was seeing a movie with her friends. Anyways, Up was absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait to have it on DVD. I would say that next to Toy Story, it is my new favorite Pixar movie. It was funny, it had great characters, and it made me cry a few times.

Anyways, Carolynn and her friend Nikki were meeting some friends at the theater. They were going to see Drag Me To Hell. (It is only PG-13) Anyways their movie started after ours, so I gave them some tickets and snack money, and we went to Up. Apparently the friends got there after and one of the moms made a big scene in the theater. She wouldn’t let her daughter go to the movie because I wasn’t there. Carolynn explained that I was just one theater over and she could go get me, but the mom said that wasn’t good enough and started yelling and took her daughter home in tears. I am sorry, but that is a bit ridiculous. I would have understood if she had just said no to that movie, but she was fine with the movie. She apparently was not going to let her kid see the movie unless I was in the movie with them. Yeah, so they are 13 and 14 years old. I think that should be plenty old enough to see a movie with a parent in the next theater over. Hell, it seems to me it is old enough, in my opinion, to see a movie with friends alone. Carolynn and Taylor went to see Bolt alone. How overprotective can you be? When is it time to let go just a little? Anyways, Carolynn, Nikki, and the friend that was allowed to stay were upset, but they saw their movie. I am sure it was terrible. They should have seen Up with us.

Tomorrow we are going to see Phat Cat Swinger. I love them and the concert is free.

Three more days until the big shift change. YES!


  1. I've only heard but great things about Up.

    I hate to her that about that mom making a big scene at the theater like that. I thought that was a pretty typical thing to do where groups split up and see different things. And they were of-age for that movie. If she wanted her daughter to have supervision, she could've just stayed there and gone to the movie herself.

  2. @ Pam - what a concept! A mother who wants her child supervised should do it herself. lol At 13/14 yo I went to the movies without an adult all the time. What would have been strange would be to have an adult around all the time. My mom had to approve the movie, but then my sister and I were on our own.

    I'm glad you had a good time seeing UP. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

  3. Up was just so good. You both should go see it.


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