Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swinging In The Park

First, today is my sisters 21st birthday. Somewhere in Hawaii a liquor store is happy.

Anyways, tonight we went to the first of this summers concerts in the park. It was Phat Cat Swinger. They are by far the best band we have seen in the park. They certainly didn't disappoint tonight. The fun part is, not only is the concert fabulous, but the people watching is great. Old folks line dancing to swing music. Swing dancers in period outfits. Kids dancing. Everyone having fun. I had a great time. We had fresh lemonade. They had lots of food vendors. Catherine played in the park with other kids. Carolynn met a friend and didn't come home with us. Gibby got all the pets and met a friend who looked just like him. I took a ton of pictures and video. But I have to go to work soon, so here is a Phat Cat Swinger video.


  1. Happy birthday to your sister! I have a feeling her shaved ice will not be colored simply with syrup!

    I love concerts in the park! So much fun and a great way to spend a summer night.

  2. Sounds like a good time.

    Happy 21st to Sarah.

  3. I am sure Sarah had a swinging time too. Perhaps today she is sleeping in. Yesterday I called her at 6 am her time to tell her she was old. I won't do that today, I am sure she needs to sleep it off. :) I think it is an American tradition to drink until you puke on your 21st birthday.


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