Monday, July 20, 2009

Barbecue Bust

So yesterday we had a barbecue. Too bad just about every person I know was unavailable. They were at work, out of town and otherwise occupied. So I threw a barbecue for myself. Allison was here. She slept over on Saturday night. Nicole came and brought the baby. We had some burgers and the kids tortured toasted marshmallows in the fire pit in the back yard. Then the girls went to sleep over at Joe and Nicole’s. It wasn’t nearly the fabulous barbecue I had in mind, but it certainly had the cutest baby in the world, so it worked. Speaking of the cutest baby in the world…

"HULK MAD! Hulk rolled over and Hulk has no idea how he got there or how to roll back!"

"Rolling is hard work. Think I better rest here and suck this finger."

"Yep, I am the cutest baby boy you will ever see."

Carolynn and Nathan

Nicole, Allison and Nathan

Anyways, today I went over to pick up the girls from Joe and somehow brought Allison back again. I took them to McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and ice cream. Then Allison has been on the computer since we got home. They are installing a new garage door opener in our garage. The old one wasn’t working right. David is making pizza for dinner.

Allison surfing the web

Tomorrow night I go back to work. I have switched back to the midnight to 8 am shift. Fun times!


  1. ugh...midnight to 8am? So do you all switch around shifts every couple weeks?

  2. Yep, I switch monthly right now and I have no control over where they put me or what time. Once I ave been there a year, I will switch quarterly. Then I can request where, but there are still no guarantees as it goes by seniority.


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