Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ducks on Big Bear Lake.
Big Bear, California
May 2009

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  1. That is where I need to be...

    Happy WW!!!

  2. Such a nice view to see. Wasn't it hard for the ducks to swim? Looks like the current/tide's quite strong.

    Happy WW!

    doggie playtime:

  3. Ayie- Hmmm... I don't remember it being that windy or anything that day, it might have been. The ducks didn't seem to mind.

    Urban Thought- It was quite peaceful, we did some hiking and some sightseeing. It was a nice day.

  4. That so pretty I love that shore line.

  5. Great contribution - mine is up too :-)

    Btw: Since first visit: Hello from Norway - Nice to meet you!


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