Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Road To Nowhere

I went over to the Best Buy to see if my camera was ready. They are still waiting on a part. I was looking at some really nice cameras while I was there. I REALLY want one. I mean REALLY REALLY want one. To the point that I am willing do stuff to get one. (No nothing criminal or dirty, people quit thinking that.) I am talking about cleaning, cooking, babysitting, car washing… anything it takes.

David and I took a drive to Barstow today. David is trying to expand his hunt for a better job. I like to get out of the house every now and again. First, we stopped at the outlet mall. Umm… there was nothing there. It was mostly closed up with only a handful of stores. There were plenty of places to eat right there though. We stopped and had some burgers at Bob’s Big Boy. We then drove through Barstow and went to Barstow Station. It used to be a cute little shop along the Route 66 with historic memorabilia and souvenirs. Now it is a dump with some old flea market type junk for sale and a liquor store. I did manage to find some cool post cards to send to Joey and Kayleigh. Barstow sucks. Just so you know.

I have been watching a lot of Gangland today. I am totally obsessed with this show. I am doing some cleaning and laundry. I need to get my uniforms ready for my week. I haven’t decided what is for dinner. I have been such a lazy bum the last few days.

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