Friday, October 23, 2009

A Mind Overflows... Mine Just Sort of Simmers

I didn’t do much today. I was so lazy. I did make Catherine slave around the house as part of her grounding. Carolynn did some cleaning because she wants some friend of hers to sleep over. I worked on my reading group stuff, got some prizes mailed out and checked in on the voting for November’s book. I started some laundry and made meatloaf for dinner.

I am pretty excited about some upcoming events around here. I am hoping I get to go to the pumpkin carving party at David’s friend’s house. It will be nice to meet some people who haven’t murdered anyone. I am looking forward to going to see Angela sing next month, if I can. The nightclub she is singing at is an old one. It’s an old jazz club. Then a little while ago, my friend Jamie invited me to come play Bunco at her house with some other people tomorrow night.

You know why I am so excited about this? I have no friends. I work a lot. I spend so much of my time chatting with murderers and bank robbers and the like. Sure, I have plenty of online friends. And I have plenty of friends that live far away. I even have a few friends that live close by. But honestly, I am a terrible friend. I don’t call. I suck. I know this. I feel bad about it. But I don’t change it. For instance…

I meet people at work, people who work there and are not incarcerated, but I don’t make any effort to get to know any of them outside of work. Sure there are several of them I like and wouldn’t mind hanging out, but I don’t.

I have a couple of friends who live in the area and I have had them over and we went to a concert in the summer, but that was it. I would love to do more stuff, but I just don’t. Like I said, I suck.

So now I have a chance to go and meet some more new people and see some old friends. It seems like such a mundane thing, but to me, it’s a huge occasion. I have no idea what Bunco is. Jamie says it’s a fast paced dice game. I suck at games like that, but I don’t care.

It reminds me of my Grandma. At my Grandma’s memorial service, my Great Aunt Margie and some other family members were talking about how when Grandma was my age, she used to have neighborhood wives over to play cards and what not. It’s what people did back in the day. Now the only way I interact with people is via the internet.

Ready or not real life…

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