Friday, October 23, 2009

A Random Pile Of Information

Catherine is grounded. Apparently, she did not do her homework and had to do one day detention last Friday. Rather than go to the detention (during recess) she went to recess and then hid when her teacher caught her. Then, when she was busted, she had to bring a note home. That was on Friday last week. On Tuesday, her teacher, Mrs. Lord, called and asked me if I got the note. I never did. Catherine told her teacher she gave me the note, but I forgot to sign it, then she forgot to bring it. Since she lied, didn’t do her homework, and ditched detention, she has detention for the next two weeks during all recess and she is also grounded.

Halloween is slowly gaining on me. The girls got their costumes. Catherine is going as a vampire. Not one of those trendy Twilight type vampires, but a traditional Dracula type. She is ready. Carolynn is going as Mrs. Lovitt from Sweeney Todd. As far as I know, they both plan on going trick or treating with Allison at Joe and Nicole’s house. We saw Joe and the gang last weekend at Party City while we were shopping for costumes. Allison had not decided what she wanted to be yet. I am sure she will be cute. I probably will not be there, as I am scheduled to work that night. David will have to take them and take a million pictures. And I will make sure we take enough candy this time. Last year we ran out.

Next Friday, David has been invited to a Halloween party at his friend’s house. They are having pumpkin carving. Once again, I am scheduled to work. David and the girls went to a party there for the Fourth of July as well. I am sure they will have a good time. I am making them cupcakes and cocktail weenies to take with them.

I am working a lot. I am working on a project at work that is proving very challenging. I work a lot of hours and I do like my job. Today is a day off though. It is nice to relax.

On Sunday we are planning to go to Oak Glen. We are taking a picnic and going to see some fall colors. Maybe we will pick some apple s and get some pumpkins. It should be a nice day.

Next month I plan to go see my friend Angela sing at a nightclub in Los Angeles. I never went to a nightclub before. It’s not one of those kinds like you see Paris Hilton at. It’s more of an old fashioned night club. It sounds very cool. If I don’t have to work...

I think that is all. Well, it is all I can think of.

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  1. Wow. You guys sound busy.

    Sorry to hear about Catherine's antics. Detention for two weeks sounds not fun at all. Hopefully she'll learn her lesson.

    We're just about ready for Halloween too. We just need pumpkins which we're getting this weekend.

    The nightclub thing sounds fun. Just don't go too crazy. ;)


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