Monday, November 30, 2009

1000 Wishes

I cannot seem to get into the holiday spirit. At first I thought it was because we were so sick over Thanksgiving and we kind of missed out on the food. But I don’t think that is it. It’s more of a financial issues thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I get paid enough to pay all my bills and eat and put gas in my car. But that is pretty much it. It seems like every time I get a little ahead something happens. Last year put me in quite a hole. Sure, all the bills were being maintained, but nothing else was being taken care of. No clothes or household items. Once I started working we started taking care of that stuff… and if it wasn’t one thing it was another… Car repairs, broken appliances, broken TV’s, more car repairs…

Every time I would get a little ahead so we might enjoy a little money, something else happens. Like this time, the bank issues. In case you hadn’t read before, I had always gotten paid every other Saturday. So two weeks ago, on the Saturday I normally got paid, I had set up several bills to be auto paid and sent David out on some errands for me. He didn’t get far, because there was no money in the bank. The bank then charged us overdraft charges for all those things. Just over $130 in fees! Now, the money got to the account on Monday so I don’t see what the huge deal was, but they refused to reverse the overdraft fees. Anyway, I didn’t realize there were over draft fees until midweek, so those over draft fees caused more over draft fees. So I was short. Now I have to play catch up. At Christmas. When I could have used some of that money to buy presents… or pay for car repairs.

Yep, my car needs new front wheel bearings. Repair shops estimate $300 to $500 to fix it. Woo. Just another added expense right at the holiday season.

Anyway, I love the holidays usually. I love the decorations and the baking and the food. I love Christmas music and shopping for gifts. Thankfully, I had already purchased most of the girls’ presents. I also got a great deal on a huge artificial tree. But I just am not feeling it.

I figured it out… I don’t need a million dollars to be better. Just $1000 dollars. It will fix the car, and make some bills go away. Leaving my next paycheck available to pay more bills, buy groceries and baking goods and have some leftover to buy some gifts. I don’t have piles of debt. I have no credit cards. I just need one extra paycheck or so. Maybe I should play the lottery.

I am going to try to combat this holiday depression. After all, it isn’t about the presents…

Tomorrow I am wearing a Christmas shirt. My mom bought me a whole bunch of Christmas shirts last year. I think she was trying to fight off the Christmas blues I had last year when I was unemployed and miserable. So tomorrow I am wearing one. I made a Christmas playlist on the iTunes and loaded it on David’s computer so I could play it on his speakers. (I love iTunes home sharing!) David put up the tree. I haven’t decorated it yet. The Thanksgiving decorations are still out. I am making a Thanksgiving feast for dinner tomorrow. And I will give two hours to bell ringing at the K-Mart. Maybe that will put me in a Christmas mood.

Wednesday we will do the Christmas decorating and maybe watch A Christmas Story. I always love that one. I even have my own leg lamp. Also, on Wednesday night maybe we will have another game night. That always cheers me up and I remembered to buy a bunch of snacks to keep on hand. I know it is mid-week and all, but I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this week.

Anyways, if anyone is interested in game night on Wednesday, let me know. You can come check out my leg lamp in person.

And this concludes this year's NaBloPoMo. Thanks for reading!

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