Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let The Bells Ring

Last night David and I did our first night ringing bells for the Salvation Army. He took the first two hours and I took the last 2. It was nice. I did find a distinct advantage to last year…

Last year, I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t want to know anybody. I was jobless and poor and I didn’t want people to know. So even if I might have known anyone, I pretended I didn’t. This year, I know a lot of people. People I know can’t walk passed me and not give a little change.

Today I worked the first of my four 10 hour days for this week. I work tomorrow too, then on Friday and Saturday. It will be fun to have the whole middle of the week off. Working in visiting is fun. But we have to treat regular people a little like inmates. For example, I did a pat search on a baby today. He couldn’t clear the metal detector. He was only about 8 months or so. He had metal buckles on his pants. But I wouldn’t have been shocked really if his parent had tried to hide something on that baby. Very little surprises me about inmates and the people who visit them. Most of the visitors are fairly normal people. Some have some questionable choices in clothes and make up. One girl particularly had a TON of pink make up on. Women come in teetering on high heels, barely able to walk. It is amazing.

Anyway, that is all for today. This everyday business is getting harder. Only a few more days of NaBloPoMo.

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