Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Benefits Of Carolynn Being Home Schooled

1. She will have more time with her dear old Mom.
2. She can learn her own way.
3. I will always know what she is learning in school and be able to help her.
4. I won’t have to worry about whom she is spending her time with and what they are telling her.
5. She has more free time.
6. She can play sports. She is going to give softball a go pretty soon.
7. She is a much nicer person.
8. She probably won’t need to write any death to teacher notes.
9. She can go on more field trips.
10. She doesn’t have to get up so early.
11. She can dye her hair pink and purple.
12. She can spend more time with her friend Alex down the street.
13. She will be a better person and thank me when she is grown up… At least I hope.

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