Monday, February 08, 2010

Fro Yo

People have been talking about it. People at work raved. The Salvation Army guy gave his endorsement. My friend Jamie wrote about it on her Facebook page. I needed to try it.

So we went. To Nubi, a frozen yogurt shop here in Apple Valley. It reminded me of Pinkberry. The difference was in the self serve. I found another difference… The price.

The yogurt was good. They had all kinds of flavors. They had this flavor called Love. It was gross. It tasted like chocolate nasty. I think it had roses in it. You got a huge cup of yogurt. We spent $13 and everyone got huge cups and lots of toppings. David got French vanilla with peanuts. Carolynn got pineapple with no toppings, Catherine got French vanilla with Oreo, whipped cream and peanuts, and I got French vanilla with fresh fruit and pecans. It was so good.

Anyway, I have two days off now. Woo! I am so excited. I hope you all enjoyed my little work post on Friday. I actually wrote a whole bunch of them but I am spacing them out a bit. That may just be too much crazy to spring on the world at once.

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  1. a friend of mine raved about Pinkberry when she out in LA last summer. I was hoping to try one when I was in Vegas but I didn't see any. Are they just a Cali thing? we have something similar to the other place you were talking about but I can't remember the name. It's self service but they charge you on the weight of the product. So I've heard, I haven't been there.


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