Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In The Beginning

As I mentioned before, I have decided to home school Carolynn. The charter school program I wanted to use didn’t have the room for her until fall, so we are going to use a different one for now and switch in the fall. We start tomorrow. I for one am excited and scared at the same time. I am excited that I get her away from the losers that she was hanging out with. I am excited to start on the next part of this adventure. I am scared that I won’t be able to do it and she won’t learn what she needs to
Carolynn, on the other hand, is PISSED OFF. I don’t think she actually believed that it would happen. I think she was convinced it would never happen. She basically feels her life is over. I am the wicked witch who wants to torture her. Home school is for losers. She will just be stuck in the house all day with her mean old mom who hates her.

It’s going to be an epic battle. Luckily, I have more on my side than she does. I do worry about her emotional stability. She seems so dark all the time. I worry that she might try something drastic. Her life is ruined, or so she says, I don’t want her to feel like this is it. That kind of thing can run in families and her dad unfortunately tried some stuff similar when he was upset. I worry about it a lot. Hopefully once we get started and she sees that life hasn’t ended, she will chill out and be Carolynn again. I tell her all the time, we only have one Carolynn and we don’t want to lose the only one we get.

Next week I have a lot to do. Many of you may know, my stupid car, henceforth known as “Loser Cruiser”, is broken. We thought it might be the wheel bearings. I have no idea. But next week I should get my tax return and it will be fixed. I have been driving David’s truck since Christmas. (Also known as the “Hoopty Truck”) It is a good little truck, but I miss my car. Besides, we can’t all fit in the truck at the same time.

We made some fried chicken strips for dinner. They were so good.
The weather looks ominous. They say it might snow. Usually, I would say “Woo Hoo!” but not for tomorrow. I can’t have the whole city shut down when I finally am getting to take Carolynn to get started on the home school.

Think warm thoughts.

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  1. sending both warm and good thoughts your way. sounds like you really could use a hug. *BIG VIRTUAL HUG!*


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