Saturday, February 13, 2010

John, Paul, George, and Ringo

Yesterday I was too sick to go to work. You should never go to work sick. You should be mentally alert in a place like that.

However, I felt okay enough to go to the mall with the gang. We haven’t all gone to the same place at the same time in a long time. Since the Loser Cruiser is out of commission (until later this week) we all had to squeeze into the truck. It was not funny.

Anyway, we went and spent the day at the mall. Carolynn is officially un-grounded this weekend, so she was able to upgrade her phone. She got an LG Envy3. She seems to really like it. She and David each got new shoes. David hadn’t had new shoes in about 3 years. Carolynn just wears hers out fast. Carolynn also made her first visit to the Victoria’s Secret. That was difficult. My tiny little baby isn’t supposed to need bras. Catherine scored herself a new Pokemon thing. I got some bras of my own. (I know..TMI.) I also scored a Valentine’s present… The collector’s edition of The Beatles Rock Band. It has Ringo’s drums and Paul’s guitar and all the songs. We were playing it this afternoon and it is so awesome.

We went to Nick’s for dinner with Aunt Chris and some friends. It was so good. When we got home, the Olympics were starting.

I have to say, they replayed the tragic death of that Georgian luger a lot. It was very difficult to watch. The We Are The World remake was pretty good. But what was Justin Bieber doing in there? He looked so out of place. I am not a fan.

The opening ceremonies were kind of tedious. It was a long time into the show before they actually got down to it. It just wasn’t as cool as the openings of the summer Olympics. But it was nice and I stayed up and watched the whole thing.

Today, I have to be at work at 8. Then I have some groceries to buy. And some dinner to cook.

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