Sunday, March 07, 2010


It’s been a busy week, and mostly we have been enjoying.

Last week on Sunday, we went over to my brother’s house and his wife Nicole made tacos. They were soooo good and her rice was awesome. Then on Monday, they came over here and we had chicken. David spent the whole day baby proofing and I got Nathan a toy to keep him occupied. After dinner we played Apple to Apples. That is so fun. We learned that Oprah is frightening and General Patton was dreamy. I love that game.

Friday was again pizza night. It is becoming a bit of a tradition, until I go to the night shift in two weeks. Nicks has good pizza. Then on Saturday we went to my brother’s house again. Nicole was going to help Carolynn with her hair dye. She wanted to put pink and blue streaks in it. I am no good at that stuff and Nicole is. Plus, Nicole is starting a new business selling these melters at Scentsy. They are cool and have a lot of great scents. And since she was doing that for us, we decided to bring dinner to her. We got dinner at a great Chinese place near their house. We met at her house at 6:30ish. That is kind of when it went downhill.

Just as we get in the house, (we all arrived at the same time), the doorbell started ringing. Nicole went outside to talk to the neighbor. Allison and I were letting the dogs in and only one came in. Nicole figured that he got into the neighbor’s yard and that is why the neighbor was there. Then I heard Nicole crying so I went outside. The neighbor told me that Oakley, Joe and Nicole’s dog, did get into his yard. Unfortunately, this neighbor had a new pit bull puppy and Oakley and the puppy were playing…

The neighbor didn’t even realize Oakley was in the yard until it was too late. He rushed him to the animal hospital but... It wasn’t too viscous. The pit-bull broke his neck, didn’t really bite him a lot. I felt so awful. Nicole was so upset and then she had to tell Allison. Poor thing. She was so upset too. She felt better after I told her about doggy heaven and how now we can love Oakley forever. Their other dog was not harmed. The neighbor felt so bad. He got rid of the pit-bull. (Not put it down, just took it somewhere else. It was an accident.) He offered to buy them a new dog. He took Oakley to the vet and did what he could. It was so sad. Rest In Peace Oakley. (AKA Humper… that dog humped everything… Lol)

Anyway, David and Carolynn were over there today and he says Nicole was doing better. Nicole is so sweet. She really loved that dog. Nicole did dye Carolynn’s hair with pink, blue, and purple stripes. David played with Nathan while she did it.

Tomorrow, she is having a get together for her new Scentsy business. I am going. It’s at 6:00 if anyone feels like joining me for some excellent scented flameless melters. It should be awesome.

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