Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Couldn’t Think of a Theme for This Week’s Thursday Thirteen

1. I was at work.

2. I was making fondue for friends.

3. I was going to do a Famous Father’s one for Father’s Day, but I couldn’t think of 13 dads.

4. I was too tired.

5. I was going to do Father’s Day pictures, but I couldn’t find a whole lot.

6. I was so excited about seeing the new Toy Story movie that I couldn’t even think.

7. I was watching The Simpson’s and I have done way too many of these about The Simpson’s.

8. It’s been too hot.

9. Catherine wouldn’t do it for me.

10. David usually helps me but he is asleep.

11. I was cleaning the house.

12. I was drinking wine.

13. I couldn’t think of anything besides this lame list. Sorry.

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