Friday, December 03, 2010

A Day In The Life

It's Better Than Most

I am at work. Nothing amazing going on all day. It's a basic day. I was in a housing unit, minding my own business, doing my job.

An inmate in this unit is a well known flasher. And he is following me around. He is fully dressed. He hasn't done or said anything crazy yet. But I am aware of his history and I am wary.

He asks me random questions throughout the day. He asks the time, for toilet paper, for paper, if I will be back the next day, on and on. Finally, I tell him to get lost...

Me- Listen, I got your number. I know you. So why don't you find someone else to bother. I am working.

Inmate- What do you mean by that?

Me- You know what I mean, now go.

Inmate- So what you are saying is I am not your type?

Me- No inmate will ever be my type.

Inmate- So if I did something, you wouldn't let me get away with it, not just one time?

Me- Hell no.

Inmate- Well, at least I asked. That's more than most guys do.

Me- You got me there.

And then that inmate learned a valuable lesson...

Sexual proposal to staff will land you in hot water just as fast as whipping it out.

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