Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Run Over By Christmas

I feel like I may have missed Christmas. I love Christmas. I love going to bed on Christmas Eve after filling the stockings knowing the kids are going to be excited in the morning. I love waking up to excited little voices spelunking through their stockings and poking through the packages under the tree. I love watching them open their presents in their jammies. I love spending the day in my jammies and making a fabulous dinner and eating it with my family. I love playing the new games and watching the kids play too.

This year on Christmas Eve, I was at work. I got home after 4 pm and the girls were with their dad. I did fill those stockings but I had to go to bed earlier than the kids because I had to be back at work on Christmas Day at 6 am. I was long at work when the girls got up and explored their stockings. They were dressed and ready to go by the time I got home after 2 pm. They quickly opened their packages before we went over to my brothers house. Nathan and Allison enjoyed their presents and Nicole was cooking in a hurry because my brother had to get to work that night. Then I had to get home anyway, because I had work on Sunday morning. Everything felt so rushed.

Today I am finally cooking our Christmas Ham. But it just doesn't feel the same. I have to do some cleaning today and go get the battery replaced in the truck. (I left the lights on for 16 hours while I was at work and ruined the battery. DUH!) My brother is going to come by for some ham tonight on his way to work. The kids love their presents, but it's been days. They are over it already.

I missed it.

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  1. Oh well that sucks! Here's hoping that somehow you'll be able to feel some Christmas spirit still.

    Some family members of mine were snowed in on Christmas Day and weren't able to visit other family like that usually do. They said it just didn't seem like Christmas at all. That's happened to me a couple times too where someone got sick, or weather prevented us from getting together. Then we end up celebrating in January and it's just weird.


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