Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Here We Come

These are not resolutions. Resolutions are plans no one ever achieves. This is my list of stuff we are going to do this year, no doubt about it.

11 Things To Do In 2011

1. Buy a house.
2. Renew our Disneyland Passes.
3. Pay off my stupid PT Cruiser.
4. The truck will pass smog. It will.
5. Catherine will graduate from elementary school. Look out 7th grade!
6. Carolynn will pass the 9th grade or die trying. Or I'll kill her...
7. I will do more overtime. (How else will I pay for all this?)
8. David will take at least 5 classes this year. Or else...
9. Carolynn will swim in her first swim meet.
10. I will get my teeth fixed. They are horrible.
11. I will post on here at least one time per week. I swear. With posts.

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  1. I'm planning to post more regularly too. I'm slowly coming out of my blogging (and reading) funk.


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