Friday, February 04, 2011

A Day In The Life

No Disrespect

I was doing rounds in the Special Housing Unit. I walk by a cell and the window is covered preventing me from seeing the inmates inside. The paper that is covering the window has a note. It's a really nice note too.

It says

“I think you are hot and tasty. I wish I could fuck you. Can you watch while I jack off? No disrespect intended.”

Nope, no disrespect there.

I yell into the cell for them to uncover the window. No one does, but I can see part of an inmates hand holding the note in place. Okay. I yell that they should enjoy the shots I am about to write them.

There were three inmates in that cell. I wrote incident reports for all of three. They say the inmates were refusing to obey an order by not taking down the sweet note and they were making sexual proposals to staff.

I found out a little letter that they showed that same love note to a counselor who was doing rounds. She gave him an earful. No disrespect though.

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