Friday, February 11, 2011

A Day In The Life


I had enough of seeing this particular inmate’s penis all day. He had recently arrived in the Special Housing and we had not found a place to put him yet. So he was waiting in a large shower room. This room was right near the gate that lead down to a row of cells. So every time I went over there to do rounds or to pass out food or whatever, there he was, penis in hand. Not only that, I wasn't the only female in the Special Housing unit that day so she was also getting the show. So I go speak with another officer in order to see if we can get him moved elsewhere. That officer, being a guy, had never seen or heard what those kind of inmates do. He also felt that the incident reports would mean more if I had some back up.

So it was decided that I would walk over there. Someone had put a hand held metal detector on the sign-in board over there and I was simply going to go get it. While I was getting it, two male officers were going to stand just out of sight and try and catch him in the act. I was to signal when he whipped it out.

I walked up to retrieve that metal detector. As I walked up, the two other officers got into place. I picked up the metal detector and checked the sign-in sheet. As soon as he saw I was there, the inmate had an important question for me.

“Hey C.O., you want me to pull out my dick for you?”

I whipped around and all of the sudden, he was a totally different inmate. He was dressed, he was calmly asking me if they had found a cell for him yet. I told him we were working on it and walked away.

He must have seen the other two officers somehow. They didn't get to witness the act, but they heard his first question. So after I walked away, they went over and had a few words with the inmate about his behavior.

No thanks, I really don't want to see your penis.


  1. I don't know how you deal with that! You are super-woman or something!

  2. I have a good back up team...


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