Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I was in the Target with the girls and Catherine was examining a fabulous new Pokemon case for her Gameboy (Which she ended up getting in exchange for cleaning the kitchen.) I see a man shpping with his family, and I get that feeling... you know the one.. like “Hey, I know that guy!” But you can't remember where or in what context you know him from. Yep. But I am sure I know him.

Then I go down another isle. There he is again. I know that guy. I swear to it. And he sees me and there, he has that look too. But I don't say a word.

Why not?

Because if I can't remember him, what if he is a former inmate? Some drug dealer or pot grower or meth lab operator who has been recently released? Yep, I am paranoid.

Maybe he is an inmate's relative. I work visiting a lot. Perhaps I have seen him coming to visit.

Maybe he works with me. I don't think so. But maybe. A lot of people work where I work.

Do I know him from somewhere else? I don't know. I don't go many places. But I just couldn't figure it out.

So the girls and I leave that Target with our purchases. Catherine and her Pokemon case. Carolynn and her new Blue Ray movie (Burlesque). Me and my weed killer.

Then I get home, and bam, it hits me!

I totally went to high school with that guy. We were totally friends and in the choir together.

Yep. Paranoia. Thanks inmates. I appreciate that.

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  1. I get that too sometimes. Occasioanlly though someone will remember me from college but I can't remember them at all. I usually just fake it and nod along as if I totally knew them. It's freaky and unsettling.


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