Monday, April 18, 2011

Do You Have A Pen I Can Borrow?

A package just arrived from the mailman. It was a pretty big package. It was heavy and rattled. So I had to open it and see what was inside. It was addressed to David, but I knew he wouldn't mind. (On a side note, David is not here because he is at a job interview. Keep your fingers crossed.)

This turned out to be the funniest package I had ever opened.

The whole box as stuffed full of pens and pencils. Big ones, little ones. Old ones, new ones. Fat ones, thin ones.

We found this candy cane pen. There is a mechanical pencil from a Japanese airline with a tiny chicken attached to it. Then we found this funny stick pencil with seashells on it that says Cebu and came from the Philippines.

Carolynn and I were just busting up.

So then Carolynn goes out to the mail box to get the rest of the mail. She brought in a second box. It was smaller and it rattled.

We had to open it.

Yep, it is full of markers and highlighters.

Then Carolynn said...

"All that and no pencil sharpener? Classy."

I laughed until I cried.

The note in the box says "Study aids for all."

Apparently by all, he meant all of the city.

I loved it.

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