Friday, May 20, 2011

A Day In The Life

Some Place Where No One Would Talk

It's late one night and I was spending another boring night at everyone's favorite women’s prison camp. They had been on a room restriction for several days due to an previous incident. So I was walking around to make sure they were staying in their beds. They were only supposed to leave to use the bathrooms.

I walk in to the bathroom. There are a few women in there. There are a few in the shower. A couple brushing their teeth or washing their faces. A few were in the stalls.

A few too many.

There were four feet sticking out from underneath one of those stalls.

So I go over to the stall and knock. The door opens and out come two women. One of them appeared to be crying. So I ask if she is okay. She says she is upset because she misses her kids. So then I ask, why were the two of them in this stall. The crying one continues to cry. The other one tells me that with the lock down they were trying to find somewhere to go where people wouldn't talk about it.

Nope, two women in a toilet stall won't entice gossip.

Besides, it is a well known fact that these two women were in fact involved in a jailhouse romance. So I wrote them up. The next day we sent one of them to a more secure location. You know, so people wouldn't talk.

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