Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Like Tinkerbell Finn, I Need Applause To Live.

On Friday night, Carolynn and I drove to Anaheim to see Glee Live. She got the tickets for her birthday last month. She has been so excited since we got the tickets. On Friday, after I got off of work, she was ready to go. And we were off.

It took us just over an hour to get to the Honda Center (formerly The Pond) in Anaheim. As we were walking in, we saw a sea of Glee shirts. We saw kids dressed like Cheerios. We saw a few dressed in Sue Sylvester jogging suits. We got there early so it didn't take us long to get in. We walked up what seemed like a million steps to find our seats. I bought the tickets late, so our seats were pretty high. So high in fact, there was only one row of seats higher. Here is a view of from our seats.

Once we were seated, Carolynn decided she wanted a program and to look at the souveiers. So we climbed back down to the bottom floor and waited in a forever line to buy Glee stuff. Carolynn got her program.
We were waiting in line and Carolyn kept telling me she didn't want a tee shirt. Nope. No shirt. No way. Too much money. Sure. So it's finally our turn to make our purchases. I got me an awesome Glee mug. Carolynn got a Glee poster and... you guessed it... a Glee Tour shirt. Who didn't see that coming?

So we climbed back up those stairs and got seated again. Then they had a dance crew open up the show. They were called The League of Extraordinary Dancers. They were pretty cool. Then they got the stage ready for the Glee cast.
Carolynn was getting very excited. Then finally, it started and there they were. She had been saying ever since we got there, "They are in here some where." and they were. Right there on stage. And then a girl stood up and Carolynn couldn't see. Luckily, no one was sitting in the row in front of us, so she moved. And she sat there, like a stone, mesmerized for the entire show.

I took over 100 pictures. But not many came out very well. But I got a few pretty good ones.

Starting off with a Journey song... of course.

Britney doing Britney

This is the back of Puck's head.

All the girls in the cast.

All the guys of the cast

Born This Way

In the Glee classroom

Artie gets out of his wheelchair and does the Safety Dance.

The big finale

We had a great time. Next time, we need to buy tickets earlier. And take Catherine. She would have loved it too.


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