Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day In The Life

Thankful For The Little Things

The other day an inmate stopped by my office. (It was this inmate, so I was prepared for anything.) He tells me he has a lot of things to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

He is thankful that he will enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner there in prison when there are plenty of law abiding citizens out there that will not get that luxury.

He is thankful that he did not receive the death penalty for the crime he was convicted of. (I believe it was murder.)

He is thankful he lives in America because in other countries when you get convicted of something like that, they kill you right away.

And finally, he is thankful for the opportunity to appeal.

He also informed me that he is starting his own mob because he likes the family camaraderie. And he'll be changing his name to Rico Soprano.

I am thankful that my job affords me so many interesting stories.

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