Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fright Night

As all of you who haven't been living in a cave know, yesterday was Halloween. And since today is day one of NaBloPoMo... I am going to do what plenty of others are doing today and write about it.

I actually had the day off. It was amazing. We carved pumpkins in the afternoon. We made one that had Mike Wazowski from the movie Monster's Inc. My friend Adrienne says it looks like a pig but she is just jealous of our pumpkin skills.

Then we made one that had Maleficent's dragon from Sleeping Beauty. Yeah, we had a Disney thing going here. We are all serious Disney freaks. And you got to admit. This dragon looked awesome.

Then the girls got dressed up. Catherine was a zombie bride.
Something that is severely lacking in my Plant's vs. Zombies game. There are no female zombies. How sexist. Anyways, Catherine looked really cool. Carolynn went as Gir. I don't even know what a Gir is or does or where it came from. All I know is that she loves it. She had originally sent me to the store to get her a Katy Perry costume. I found the one she wanted and decided she wasn't going to leave my house dressed as a whore. So I found this Gir costume and bought it.
And we only saw one other kid wearing it all night.

We went trick or treating in Spring Valley Lake with one of Carolynn's friends. And her little brother and sister and her mom. They live in Spring Valley Lake. As a matter of fact, Kelcie's mom works for the security patrol. Before trick or treating started we went to the community center where they were having games for kids. They played some games for a while and then we started on our candy demands. We went for about 45 minutes before we took a break. Kelcie's dad came to pick up the little ones for his turn to take them and then we headed about for another 30 minutes or so. There were so many kids and it was a nice night out. There were so many cool decorations out and everyone had a good time.

Then we came home. We didn't have any kids come to our house for trick or treat. I can't wait to live in a neighborhood again. We feasted on candy and then ate some ho dogs and watched the finale of Halloween Wars, which we had on DVR and hadn't seen yet. We also watched The Next Iron Chef. This one is what I thought it should be. All star chefs competing for the honor.

So that was our Halloween. Today I am making chicken noodle soup, bread and we are also baking pumpkins for future use in pies and bread and such. We will probably get out the Thanksgiving decorations and put away the Halloween stuff. And clean. There is always cleaning to do. Until tomorrow fans...

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