Friday, November 02, 2012

A Day In The Life

Animals on Patrol

A year or so ago, I was driving the mobile patrol around and around some fabulous prison.

Around and around and around....

When I was stopped by the cutest, fluffiest little foxes.


But they didn't move. I honked. I yelled. Nope. They just sat and looked at me. I was afraid to run them over. They eventually moved. Someone must have been feeding them... Not that I am accusing anyone.

These foxes were cute, but I spent the night chasing fence alarms because of them. They think they own the joint. A lieutenant told me they were endangered and protected by the state. So I guess we were stuck with them.

Now I see them roaming the compound at night. They walk within a few feet of me and other officers. Running around, chasing birds.

Little foxes aren't the only animals running around. That same night I was bothered by little foxes, I saw a pack of coyotes chasing a rabbit across the parking lot. I saw a ton of adorable little owls.

On your average day I see lots of squirrels. More pigeons than anyone needs to see. Crows and ravens. Several cats. The occasional dog.

It's like a zoo. Except we lock up people and the animal roam free.

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