Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke is my favorite soda. When ever we go out, if they have Cherry Coke, that is what I order. If it is on sale I stock up. We have a fridge in the garage full of soda. And if there is no Cherry Coke, I don't really go out there for soda. Maybe the occasional Dr. Pepper.

When David's dad was visiting, his wife Jasmin had never had a Cherry Coke. She is from the Philippines and there they just have regular and diet. She went out to the garage to get a regular Coke and decided to try a cherry. She must have really liked it because unless she was holding the baby, she had a Cherry Coke. Now every time I get a Cherry Coke from the garage I think of her.

They should visit more.

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  1. We are related! I <3 cherry coke best too ;)


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