Sunday, November 04, 2012

Random Cop Cliche'

Today is my David's birthday. As a surprise, after I got off of work this morning I decided to go get some doughnuts and bring them home for breakfast. I was in the doughnut shop picking out my doughnuts when a man came in with two little girls. They were excited and the little one was going on about holes. She was about 4 and the other one was about 10. Anyway, I finished picking my treats and was waiting for the lady to finish packing them and charge me when I noticed the little girl next to me. She was glancing at me and inching closer and closer. She was wearing Minnie Mouse pajamas and sparkly silver slippers. (It was 8:00 in the morning on a Sunday....)

Closer and closer....

Then a little tap on my arm.

She asks...

“Are you the police?”

I tell her yes.

And she says....

“Wiggum likes doughnuts.”

And I die laughing.

Her dad looked a little mortified.

I laughed harder.

She got her little bag of doughnut holes.

Then I took my doughnuts and went home.

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