Monday, November 05, 2012

That's What Big Sisters Are For

Last night when I was getting ready for work, David was sick. He had been sick all day. But when David is sick, he also goes into denial. He was coughing and had a sore throat and just felt like crap. But he was fine.

So I get him some Nyquil, some vitamin C and some throat drops. He doesn't take any of it. He is fine.

But he is avoiding the baby.

But he is not sick.

Finally, he admits it and I try and get him to take some medicine. But he still won't. He is afraid he won't hear the baby a night if he takes the medicine.

Carolynn is drafted to take care of the baby at night. David sleeps on the couch and Carolynn goes and sleeps in my bed with the baby in the bassinet next to her. I went off to work. Carolynn could handle it.

According to Carolynn's report....

The baby woke up around 3:00AM. Carolynn got up and fixed her a bottle and fed her. Then she tucked her back in.

Around 4:00AM, she heard a lot of diaper related sounds coming from the baby's bed. So she got up and found the baby was exploded. So off to the baby's room for a change of diaper and some fresh jammies. Then tuck in time again.

Of course, Michelle had other plans and spent some time playing a fun game of “Spit The Binky”. Michelle spits her binky out then starts fussing, and when Carolynn looked in at her, she smiled and giggled. Carolynn gave her back her binky. Then repeat. Again. And again.

Finally she was out.

Until about 7:00AM. That is when Michelle woke up. And was ready to go. So Carolynn got up and got her changed and turned on some cartoons.

When I got home, I found them both in Michelle's room. Disney Jr. was on TV. The baby was asleep in her chair. And Carolynn was passed out on the floor.

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