Friday, January 04, 2013

A Day In The Life

So I am standing at the metal detector, freezing my ass off, watching inmates walk to breakfast. Living the dream. It's 24 degrees outside and I can not feel my lips. Or my nose. My eye balls and teeth feel frozen. It is awesome. My partner is also freezing and we are watching the clock in anticipation of time to go home.

An older, Hispanic inmate walks through the metal detector and it goes off. We send him back. Again, he sets it off. We send him back. He says no. He keeps walking.

Ummmm.... No.

I yell at him to get back here. He comes back, mumbling under his breath. He returns to the metal detector, and removes the radio in his pocket. My partner looks at him.

Really? The radio? You didn't know that would set off the metal detector?

The inmate looks at him and says....

"Suck my dick."


That is how this is going to go today.

He clears the metal detector and we call him to us. We ask him to repeat himself. He starts telling us a story about how it was his medication that set off his metal detector.

Sure, that is all he said. I believe him.

I get his name and number and write him an incident report.

Living the dream....

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