Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Holiday Spirit

Yesterday's post had a bunch of people asking me....

Why not just invite everyone? The more the merrier. Right?


But let me tell you a fun story about an experience I had....

Every year at Christmas, we have an ornament exchange party. Christmas rolled around almost a year after I started at my job. So I decided to invite a few of my new coworkers. Five or six of them I had gotten to know. People who had kids like me, or who I had things in common with... 

Not only did none of them come, but 3 of them told me, in various words... 

We won't bring our families near gays. 


You think I am going to boot my family for your sorry asses? Hell no. You can't catch gay, stupid. If you could, I would be soooooo gay. 

I couldn't believe it. They are no longer my friends. Only one of them still works there, and I don't see them often. 

On top of that, another one of them told me that they couldn't come because the age difference between David and I is just sick and they refused to be a part of it. 

OMG? Are you serious? Ten years isn't that bad. Look at some celebrity couples. 

Since then, I have been avoiding most social situations involving my coworkers. No Correctional Worker's Week events. No ball games, no holiday parties. I don't need to know all of my coworkers are jerks.

It kind of sucks though. I don't meet people anywhere else. And I really think I could be friends with some of them. 

But I am to wary. 

Like I said yesterday, yes, I do over think everything. 

Is this a problem? 


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