Thursday, July 25, 2013


Tuesday morning we set off on adventure. Las Vegas! We were all set for three days of fun and excitement.

We had booked a suite at the Mandalay Bay. It was called the Spa Suite.

Huge bed.
Sitting room.
Steam shower.
Hot tub.

Oh yeah.

(View From Our Room)

The first night, after Pooky finally went to sleep....

I soaked in that hot tub and watched Friends. The bed was so comfortable. I was enjoying the luxury.

The next day, we went and enjoyed the pool area. They had several pools, a giant wave pool, and a lazy river. Carolynn, Catherine, and David went to the wave pool first while Michelle and I hopped in the lazy river. She was a little scared at first, but she loved it. She went around with me several times. She also went around with David a bunch. And with her sisters. It was so hot out there though. And the food by the pool was way overpriced.

(Pooky's Swimwear)

(David and Pooky In The Lazy River)

After that, the girls stayed in the room to rest and use the fancy shower. David and I went to check out the casino. Mandalay Bay is connected to the Luxor and Excalibur. We walked through and gambled a little in the Luxor. We lost $5. Total, not each. I know... Big spenders.

That night we took Pooky for a dip in the hot tub. She thought that was fun. Lots of bubbles. Then after that, I got in and soaked until I couldn't stand it. And watched Friends. Then one more night in that comfy bed.

This morning we checked out of our splendor to head home. We certainly enjoyed the Mandalay Bay.

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