Friday, January 24, 2014

A Day In The Life

How Could This Happen To Me?

So I was working one day when the lieutenant called me and told me I was needed up front. That can’t be great news.

I headed up to the front where I encountered another lieutenant and a female visitor. She was crying. The lieutenant looked furious. He told me to come with them.


We entered the front lobby and encountered a female SIS (Special Investigations) officer coming in to begin her shift. She immediately joined us.

The lieutenant left us ladies alone and the SIS Officer asked the crying visitor if she had drugs on her. She said she did. The SIS officer asked if she would consent to be searched. She said yes. The officer pat searched her. I stood by.

No drugs were found.

But she said she had some…

And she stripped down and removed a maxi pad filled with balloons of what she told us were heroin and “ice”. The SIS Officer took it. The visitor redressed. We escorted her to another room and I sat with her while the SIS officer went and tested the drugs and do what they were supposed to do.

The visitor sat and cried. And cried. She asked me what was going to happen to her. I didn’t know. She asked if she would go to jail. I said I didn’t know.

But I told her I did know it is a crime to introduce drugs into a prison.

She cried some more.

She said she never thought she would get into trouble.

No, of course not.

The SIS Officer came back and said that it would be up to the police if she was going to jail. But that the police were on the way. She said they searched her car as well. She cried some more.

I can’t go to jail.

She tells the SIS Officer that she has a son and that he was at the babysitter’s house. She needs to go get him. The SIS officer asks for the name and phone number of the babysitter so the police can get in contact. She doesn’t know.

Of course, mother of the year would leave her precious baby with people she doesn’t know so she could smuggle drugs into a prison.

The police arrived to take her to jail. She asked about her car. She was told her car would be towed. She cried some more because it was her father’s car and she was supposed to give it back.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. She told us she did not even get paid for the drugs.

How could she possibly have known that attempting to smuggle drugs into a prison she would face a possibilty of going to jail, getting her father’s car towed, and having CPS pick up her kid?

How could she know?

I don’t know. I guess it will remain a mystery.

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  1. Haha! This is a story I've heard all too often in one variation or another. How could she have possibly known?


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