Friday, January 31, 2014

A Day In The Life

Shortest Fight

So I was walking along, minding my own business.

Actually, I was minding the business of inmates in recreation areas. There were between 2 and 4 inmates in each outdoor recreation area. It was a pretty nice day and inmates were exercising and playing handball and generally enjoying some time outside.

There were two inmates in a middle area that were watching me pretty intently. Of course they think I am too dumb to notice. I am not the only officer out there. There is another officer out there watching as well. He too notices the odd behavior of these two inmates.

They appear to be jogging; around and around in their area. Not talking and watching us.

Each time we pass by they stop.

Finally on the third pass, one of them says to me…

“Hey CO Lady. You think I could fight this guy?” He indicated to the other inmate in his area.

“I don’t think you should. How about you come out of there now?” I signaled to the other officer who had the keys.

Before the officer could get there, the inmate he mentioned walked up and punched the inmate who had been talking to me right in the stomach.

The inmate who had been punched doubled over. I called for other staff as I had no idea what else would happen.

The officer with the keys opened the inner door and the inmate who had been punched walked to the outer door. The officer then closed the inner door, separating the two inmates.

Then the inmate who punched him, went back to his jogging. He didn’t say a word.

More staff arrived and escorted the punched inmate to medical and then back to his cell. They also did the same for the jogging inmate, who seemed unhappy his jogging time had been cut short.

I asked him why.

He said some people just deserve a good punch every now and again.

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