Friday, February 21, 2014

A Day In The Life

Everywhere You Want To Be

On a fabulous day working visiting, a couple came in. They were in their 80’s and the woman was crying. They are there to visit but are afraid they just don’t have the proper documentation.

They tell me how they looked on the website to see what they need. ID is required and the prison will accept…

State Issued ID/ Driver’s License
Passport/Border Crossing Card/Visa
Military ID

The man says he has something, but she doesn’t have anything.

Sorry, there is nothing I can do for them if she has no ID. She is upset. But really, ID is required.

He calmly tells her to relax. He will go in and visit for a short time and come right back out. He fills out his form and hands it to me along with his card.

The lady is still there crying.

She asks me why an American Express won’t work.


Then I look at his ID. It is not an ID at all, but a Visa card. Visa credit card. Not a visa passport card.

Wrong kind of visa.

I tell him and he looks at me like I just said a dirty word.

He and his wife leave in a huff.

He comes back a short time later and presents a military ID. He says his wife had nothing with her except her American Express. He is then processed in for a visit. He doesn’t visit long, as his wife is waiting.

At least he got in.

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