Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Just Getting Fueled

There is a Valero station by my house. Like I can see it from my house.



Most of the time I stop there, they are out of gas or the pumps are not working or the card readers are out.

How are you a gas station and you are out of gas?

Between my house and my job I pass that Valero and then another Valero before I head into the next town.

But the other Valero is about the same.

Seriously? How are you even gas stations?

Yesterday on my way to work I stopped at the first one to find it was out of gas. So I stop again at the second one because if I don't get gas I won't make it home. And I am not stopping for gas at midnight.

At the second one, half the pumps are out and the card readers don't work.


I go inside and am waiting in a line behind a douche bag in white Oakleys who is buying a ton of Red Bull, Monster and those little red energy shots.

Yeah, he is a heart attack waiting to happen.

So he finally pays and goes out to get in his lifted truck.

I purchase just enough gas to make to work and home and to a real gas station.

I go out to the pump to get my $10 worth of gas.

And nothing.

I go back inside and he put it on the wrong pump.

Luckily he fixes it and no one else took my gas.

I finally got my gas and made it to work.

I don't think I will go there anymore.

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