Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Birthday David

David says he feels old. It occurred to him this morning that he could go into a bar and order anything he wanted and they would sell it to him. That is what old people do.

This morning we went to vote. The voting place is at a mobile home park in the rec center. It was filled with plenty of old folks. Why are polling places always filled with old folks? The lines were not too long. I understand that later in the day the polling places were more crowded. I guess people were going after work and such. I hope that all of you went out and voted. Well, all of you Americans. I know I have a few readers from other countries and I do not suppose they had voting today. By this time tomorrow, we should know who our next president will be. (Probably by later tonight…)

I spent most of the day at home. I cleaned the house, did some job hunting, and baked a cake for David. He got a nice day planner from his dad and card. When the girls got home, we made homemade pizza. I have made pizza before. However, this time I made the dough from scratch. It was so good. Pizza Hut should start to worry. Here is a picture of one of my pizzas. This one is half everything (Sausage, Pepperoni, Green Peppers, and Onion) and the other half is just cheese. I made four pizzas. The other ones had plain cheese, just sausage and an everything pizza.

It is a chilly, windy day. My house is drafty. We have finally used our wood burning stove. It keeps the living room and dining room warm. We have many throw blankets to cover up with. We can wear slippers and sweaters. I am trying to avoid the heater. The house is all electric and I am afraid of the electric bill if I run the heater. Electric heaters can use a lot of electricity.


  1. Happy Birthday to David again. And 21 is NOT old. 21 is FUN!

    The pizza looks yummy. Dough is something that I usually don't attempt to make myself.

  2. Happy Birthday David!

    Wow..that pizza looks so good.

  3. The dough wasn't really that hard. And it was way better than store bought crusts.


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