Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy Monday

Today I drove Carolynn and her science project to school. The science fair is on Wednesday evening.

After I dropped Carolynn off, I did my daily job search. I found a few new opportunities. Then I went to Winco. It was very crowded in there. They were having a sale. They do not have weekly sales ads like other grocery stores. However, they had a special one this week with some really good deals.

After my grocery adventure, I went out on the job search and dropped a couple of resumes and applications.

Next, I picked up the girls and we went to Taylor’s last home water polo match. He has one more match, but it is an away game. His team won in match one, but they lost match two. Maybe they were cold. It was chilly out. I was cold. I am not used to bringing jackets places. I had better get used to it. The girls were cold too, but they bundled up in Taylor’s swim parka. They got it all warm for him to get into after he got out of the pool.

Tomorrow I will go and vote. It is very important. As my mom said, if you do not vote, you do not get to complain. After that, I am making homemade pizza. It kind of got lost in the whole election, job hunt, NaBloPoMo excitement… But tomorrow is David’s 21st birthday. Therefore, I am making pizza and baking a cake. We bought him The Hulk DVD. Do not worry that I am spoiling it for him, we already gave it to him. I bought it when it first came out so it was only $15.00 instead of $19.00 and he saw the receipt I left out. We already watched it. Carolynn saw it in the theater. She likes super hero movies.

That is it…. If you haven’t voted, get out there tomorrow and VOTE!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!! i voted for the first time ever today!!!!! you make yummy homeade pizza, now i am hungry for good pizza

  2. Happy Birthday David!!Ahhh to be 21 again.

  3. Way to go Heather! Why didn't you vote before? Lazy bum?

  4. i just never registered to vote before. i am a horrible person but i didnt do it in iowa because i did NOT want to do jury duty. not sure why i never registered last time we lived here or when we were in VA. guess i didnt feel like a grown up yet or something. i did it now though!!!!!!! oh and i am super lazy too, you were right on that one


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